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The Dirty Dog

Grooming Salon

The Dirty Dog LLC is a full service one-on-one grooming salon. Whether it’s just a nail trim or a full haircut we’ve got you covered. Our biggest passion is dogs and we're excited to meet them all! We will treat and love every dog as if they are our own while they are in our care. 


Best Pet Groomer

Second year in a row! Second year in business and couldn't be more thankful or excited! Thank you to our amazing clients who voted! We appreciate you all and can't thank you enough. Can't wait to see what else we accomplish with our amazing clients next to us!

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Every service is by appointment. Call now to book your service!



Grooming services are for all breeds and all types of coats. Whether it’s just a bath and brush out or full haircut we’ve got you covered!


Whether you want a full haircut or just a trim up on your pup this is your service. A haircut will include the following services; bath, blow dry, nail clipping, ears cleaned, and full haircut to you and your pets standards. Nail grinding and teeth brushing are an extra charge. 



Deshedding is for fur breeds and will include the following services; bath, blow dry, nails clipped, ears cleaned and a full deshed. Nail grinding and teeth brushing are an extra charge. 

Add On Services

Add on services can be added on to any grooming service. 

Teeth brushing: Like brushing our teeth but for your dog! (this is not a full scale and cleaning like vet services.)

Nail grinding: this will smooth off your pups nails after clipping and also allows me to get safely closer to the kwick. 


Other Services 

Every service is by appointment but you don’t need to book a full grooming for the following. 

Nail trim: just a simple nail clipping

Nail grinding: cut and grind (smooth) your pups nails

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Brooke McGettigan


I have always had a huge passion for dogs and found my biggest passion is grooming. I love the transformation of every dog and being part of the process to help a dog feel good. I have worked as a dog groomer since my senior year in 2014 and prior to that was a kennel attendant. I worked at the same grooming salon for 7 years and loved every second that I decided I was ready to make a place of my own so The Dirty Dog was born. I look forward to meeting all the new dogs and their owners and of course seeing all the familiar faces as well!

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Brilee DeBernardo

Dog Groomer

Growing up I always wanted to be like Brooke. During my senior year in 2018 I was trying to decide what to do after graduation. I begged Brooke to let me work with her. Well here we are now! We worked together for 3 years before she opened The Dirty Dog then 6 months later she asked me to join her. We share the same love for dogs and going to work everyday isn't a chore when you love what you do. I love meeting all the new dogs and look forward to seeing my regulars.

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Samantha Sullivan

Dog Groomer

I started grooming in 2021 when I was graduating high school. In a conversation about my future with my neighbor, working with dogs was brought up and he happened to know Brooke!  I worked with Brooke for about 6 months before she left and opened The Dirty Dog and soon after I went on to venture new careers. I got another job working with humans but quickly realized I still wanted to work with animals. So when the time came that they had room for another it was a no brainer!  When I'm not working you'll catch me eating or snuggling with my pup, Rue.

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Open Hours

Open By Appointment Only

Monday: 8AM-7PM
Tuesday: 8AM-7PM
Wednesday: 8AM-4PM
Thursday: 10AM-7PM
Friday: 8AM-4PM
Saturday: Closed
Sunday: Closed

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